Qonsilus Lab combines and interprets medical data and uses it to provide senders with individualised recommendations for action based on stored expert knowledge. Qonsilus Lab is already used in gynaecological endocrinology, for example.
The potential of Qonsilus, the automatic diagnosis and the interpretation of laboratory results depending on the clinical data represents unbelievable progress in the writing of medical reports.

Dr Philip Westhofen, Head of Laboratory at the CBT Laboratory Group

Increase performance capacity and quality with Qonsilus Lab


Qonsilus offers quick access to practice-oriented specialist knowledge in an area of medical expertise and suggests diagnoses, treatment options and further measures for each individual patient based on laboratory and clinical data.


  • Scalable, flexible platform
  • 90,000 decisions per second
  • Fully automated generation of results
  • Direct integration into existing systems


Fully automatic diagnoses with consistently high quality. Standardised processes ensure continuous quality assurance.


Validated, up-to-date and precise medical knowledge: experts from all over the world regularly enter their medical knowledge into the Qonsilus Lab platform.

Until now, a diagnosis has been made in exceptional cases.

Diagnosis possible in 100% of cases. Treatment recommendation included.

Increase efficiency and quality
now with Qonsilus Lab.

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